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NFS: Most Wanted Autolog 2.0 features detailed

Need for Speed: Most Wanted will feature Autolog 2.0, allowing users to browse race recommendations, tag events to play when you next boot up the game, as well as being able to share and comment on pictures.

In fact, according to EA’s Need for Speed website “You’ll be able to “turn down the volume on a particular friend and focus the action on someone you absolutely must beat.”

There is a huge description of the new features listed on the site, listing features from the games Autolog in an open world, to the feed and how it’ll track a variety of stats, including top speeds, jump distances and speed camera hits.

Here’s the description:

Become Most Wanted among your friends: anytime, anywhere. Autolog™ 2.0 records everything you do in the game and broadcasts your best scores, record times and fastest speeds to your friends as challenges. Autolog™ 2.0 for Most Wanted puts your friends at the heart of every aspect of the experience. Autolog Feed At the heart of your Autolog™ experience is “Autolog Recommends”, a Live Feed that pulls all the biggest news from your friends’ games and invites you to do better. Pick off play recommendations one-by-one and Autolog 2.0 automatically brags about your greatest victories on your friends’ Walls and lets you comment to rub it in. Personalization Teach Autolog 2.0 who you really want to beat, and it’ll customize the Recommendations it makes. Rivalry is personal, so Autolog™ 2.0 lets you customize Recommendations. Turn down the volume on a particular friend and focus the action on someone you absolutely must beat. Autolog in an Open World Autolog™ calls out your friends’ records as you drive the city, hitting jumps, speeding through streets, blasting past speed cameras…everything. If there’s something to do, there’s someone to beat. The Most Wanted List Your ultimate goal in the game is to be the Most Wanted. You earn Need for Speed Points and rank up for everything you do in the game. Outdrive your friends to move up the list and be Most Wanted. Dreamshots The Dreamshot system lets you share beautiful pictures from the game.  Instant Snapshots let you capture the moment you beat your friends. needforspeed.com And this time, you can experience the whole thing right here on needforspeed.com. You’ll be able to check your Autolog™ Feed, browse Recommendations, comment, share pictures and tag events ready for when you next play the game.
Need for Speed: Most Wanted is out this November, it sounds incredible as you can read in our E3 2012 preview, here. You can pre-order Need for Speed: Most Wanted on PS3, PS Vita and Xbox 360 from ShopTo.

Edited On 11 Jun, 2012

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