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Sony Exec Koller talks PS Vita

Sony’s John Koller has stuck up for the PS Vita, saying that the company is very happy with sales so far, even going as far to suggest that some quarters dismiss the device before it was released.

Speaking in an interview with Kotaku, Koller gave a frank interpretation of the performance of the device so far, as well as his thoughts on its future.

“You get a lot of questions about ‘Where is the content?’” Koller said. “We’ve seen that. And, first of all, there’s a very strong back half coming in physical titles: the Street Fighters, the Maddens, the Assassin’s Creeds, the Call of Dutys, PlayStation All-Stars, Sly, those are big games. But the digital side has far surpassed our expectations. It shows the type of consumer who has come into the market. It’s a PS3 owner. Almost across the board, the Vita owner has been a PS3 owner.

“Right now we’re on forecast to where we thought the platform would be,” Koller added.

As for those who have yet to take the plunge, Koller seems to think it’s only a matter of time, with most waiting until a big name title arrives for the system. In this respect, Koller adds that he thinks original games such as Assassin’s Creed: Liberation or Call of Duty: Black Ops II spin-off will trigger those who have so far resisted, to buy a Vita.

“They’re waiting for the content that matters most to them,” he said. “It’s not a pricing issue. It’s not as much about value; it’s about let me get the content I want.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Koller also touched on how Sony made a mistake with PSP in that it was trying to sell the customer ports. In this respect he says Vita is trying to do something a little different by adding value to these $40 games, which in a lot of cases are already available on consoles.

“Ports tended to be very difficult to message,” he said. “Consumers go, ‘I’ve got it on console. Why do I need it on this and spend $40 on this and spend $40 for exactly what I have on console? That doesn’t make any sense.’ I think that’s a very relevant position.

“You have to have the experience that backs up that price point and on a platform-wide level we think—we’ve seen—there is an absolute demand for $30 and $40 games. Uncharted is $49 and it’s [sold to Vita owners] incredibly well.

“I think that proves that if you have the right game and the right content and franchises, you can price the way you need to, and, by the way, once you get them in, you can start selling them the $5 to $10 games that you have on the Network.”

Edited On 13 Jun, 2012

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