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Crystal Dynamics issues statement regarding Tomb Raider

Crystal Dynamics have released a statement regarding Tomb Raider, following an outburst on the internet which suggests that Lara will be subject of an alleged “attempted rape” in the latest game.

As explained by the developer, the aim of the latest game is to cover the origin of Lara Croft and how she goes from being an ordinary girl, to the character she embodies in the later Tomb Raider games. As part of this story, during one scene in the game Lara is forced to kill another human for the first time. This is due to her being threatened in a way that many have incorrectly assumed was an attempted rape, however as explained by the developer, not at one point does the scene go any further than the threatening undertone shown in the trailer.

It seems though that many have taken it upon themselves to complain about this, despite not seemingly knowing the full facts.

Another argument is that Lara is portrayed as a weaker character within this game, who as explained in a developer interview with Kotaku, players will want to protect. This seems to have got certain people’s backs up – Why should Lara, being a female, be portrayed as a weaker character? etc etc. Obviously since this game is telling the story of how she becomes the strong and level headed adventurer she finally becomes, does it not make sense that we get to see her more vulnerable side?

To be fair, no-one has seen the full game, so surely by the end she will be strong, she will have killed many people and will certainly not need protection from anyone. But in any case, is it not ok for developers to want you to form a bond with the main character and want you to protect them?

A lot of tabloid-like headlines and misquotes seem to have been thrown around once again by so called big name websites who should know better, whatever happened to speaking to the source direct?

You may want to read both this article by the Guardian and the original article by Kotaku. We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Edited On 13 Jun, 2012

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