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Survey Says: Gran Turismo for Vita and some new features

A new Sony survey doing the rounds suggests that we may soon be seeing Gran Turismo for Vita, as well as some new PS Plus features.

According to the survey picked up by an IGN reader, participants where asked about Gran Turismo on PlayStation Vita.

“You told us earlier how interested you would be in buying the PS Vita version of the latest Gran Turismo game,” the survey reads. “Knowing that you might be able to get a discount on the PS3 version of the game, how interested are you now in the PS Vita version?”

Other questions covered PS Plus, revealing some very tempting features that may or may not come in the future.

“Imagine that as part of PlayStation Plus, every time you bought a game on either PS3 or PS Vita, you would be entitled to get the game on the other console absolutely free. So, if you bought Resistance on PS Vita, you could download Resistance on PS3 for free. Or if you got FIFA on PS3, you could download the PS Vita version for free.” This would certainly be an appealing idea and it seems to be one Sony is already testing out, what with games such as Motorstorm RC following a similar system.

Other questions covered whether participants prefer buying games physically or digitally. There are no doubt other interesting questions too, although we didn’t get to see them unfortunately.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2012

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