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Jon Murphy talks FIFA stealing PES ideas and licensing deals

In a new interview with Eurogamer, Konami and PES Team Leader Jon Murphy has been quite frank  about both where FIFA gets its ideas from and why the game doesn’t have the official licences that people would love to see.

At one point in the interview, Murphy even seems to suggest that EA has copied some of its innovations straight from the PES series.

“If you look further back into the past of PES you can see they’ve obviously gone from a game that was totally different from PES to one that started copying PES to one that started taking areas PES did well further into the product they have now,” Murphy said openly.

“There’s been a whole series of – and I’m sure they won’t disagree with this – taking PES apart and rebuilding theirs in direct comparison. And you see other things, such as the replication of players, which we’re now bouncing back at with our Player ID. And there are other recent examples as well where it seems as soon as we’re announcing one thing they’re announcing the same thing as well. I’m not sure how that happens by accident so often.””

When directly asked if he was accusing EA of copying PES, Murphy was again not slow to stick the boot in, answering, “Yes. I wouldn’t say they are actively doing that right now.”

“I’m saying they have a long history of copying PES to get to where they want to be,” Murphy continued. “People shouldn’t forget that’s how they got where they are. You can give them loads of credit for how they’ve got to where they got to now, and you can see it as a totally valuable product in its own right that does have ideas we can all learn from, but we shouldn’t forget that PES innovated all of this stuff and they did copy it.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Murphy also seemed to blame EA for locking Konami out of official licenses, adding that due to EA’s money it’s hard for the studio to make much headway in this area.

“At the end of the day, without going into too much detail, there are obviously a lot of existing contacts between EA and who they deal with and a lot of trust between them, and there’s a lot of money changing hands, and trying to break into those situations is very hard. At the same time it should be pretty obvious that we can’t compete with the massive budgets they have to throw at these things.

“So, for example, with the Premier League, we’ve opened up negotiations with them in the past and we’ve got quite close to what we thought was a good offer. It went to EA exclusively. And then after that EA have been dealing directly with the clubs themselves to lock us out of individual club deals as well. So there are several layers we have to be trying to fight through……But people need to understand that these are the reasons at play. There just needs to be a bit more understanding when someone says to us, you’re just rubbish with licenses. It’s not as simple as that.”

The full interview can be read over at Eurogamer.

Edited On 14 Jun, 2012

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