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Xbox 720 details leaked from old document

An Xbox 720-related Microsoft document, spanning 56 pages, has leaked on to the internet, hinting at what we may expect from the next Xbox.

Caution is wise, after all, we have seen elaborate hoaxes before, however if the information presented is true, then the documents, posted up by The Verge, suggests we can expect a new Metro dashboard, SmartGlass support and the media streaming apps, as well as support for Blu-ray and cloud gaming in the 720.

The document also goes as far to suggest that this may be the last Xbox we’ll see, hinting that from 2015, cloud gaming will become the new way to play, adding that there will be no need for new hardware ever again.

As for specs, the 2010 document suggests six times the performance, native 3D support with glasses and of course, Kinect v2, which will provide support for four players and be a lot more accurate. The processor is also hinted at, with six or eight ARM or x86 cores running at 2GHz with three PPC 3.2GHz cores included to ensure Xbox 360 backwards compatibility. Memory is limited to 4GB of DDR4 RAM. Which should please developers (although you can never get enough memory).

There is also mention of a Project Fortaleza. These glasses project images to the wearer, allowing for an augmented reality type experience.

Unfortunately the documents, which we saw with our own eyes yesterday, have now been removed, however you can see some of the captured images below.

One important thing to remember is that this is a sneak peek at the future, but from the past. Obviously we don’t know quite how this vision has panned out.

Edited On 17 Jun, 2012

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