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Complete Dishonored in 12-14 hours

Bethedsa co-creative directors Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio have revealed that you’ll be able to complete Dishonored in a relatively speedy time.

“Play-style matters a lot. Very direct players will probably get through the game in 12 or 14 hours,” co-creative directors, Harvey Smith and Raphael Colantonio said in a Dishonored Q&A on the Bethesda Blog.

“Explorers who eavesdrop a lot will take twice as long.”

Smith and Colantonio also discussed Arkane, stating that it’ll use a form of mana. Although small amounts will regenerate over time, players will need a Piero’s Spiritual Remedy potion to refill this to maximum after use.

In addition, the developer also revealed “there are 40 bone charms in the game that grant small supernatural perks. But no one can have all of these things in one playthrough.”

Dishonored is due in October. You can pre-order here (PC), here (PS3) and here (Xbox 360).

You can read our recent preview here.

Edited On 18 Jun, 2012

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