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BBC looking to support Sony’s Wonderbook

BBC is looking to support Sony’s newly announced Wonderbook.

Robert Nashak, BBC’s EVP of digital entertainment and games  says the company is thinking about which of its products it could bring to the interactive book platform.

“It was really exciting for us to see the Wonderbook at the Sony conference,” Nashak told MCV. “We are a big believer in Augmented Reality, we are a big believer in story.

“We like to call ourselves the storytellers to the world, and if you talk to people around the world, they associate the BBC with news and they associate the BBC with great stories. You can imagine our properties coming to life in a book that is like a virtual pop-up book.

“It is very exciting for us to contemplate and think about.”

If BBC do provide support for the book, this could mean we’ll see stories from the likes of Doctor Who, Walking with Dinosaurs and possibly other areas of the BBC, such as the extremely popular CBeebies. If this does happen then we reckon Sony are on to a winner here, especially since they already have J.K Rowling on board.

Edited On 19 Jun, 2012

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