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Quick Look: Wipeout 2048 HD and HD Fury Game Packs

Wipeout has always been closely associated with the PlayStation brand, it’s up there with the Ridge Racer’s and Gran Turismo’s with its top quality racing, superb graphics and a thumping soundtrack and the Vita was no different, with Wipeout 2048 showing what this little handheld can really do with graphics that rival it’s big brother plus the ability of local ad-hock, online and even cross platform racing.

As a surprise announcement a few months ago revealed an expansion for the Vita version, allowing players to get hold of the previously PS3 only versions of Wipeout HD and Wipeout Fury for a knockdown price. Even better, if you own this already on the PS3, it’s all for free. Now I was one of those who downloaded the Wipeout for free after the whole hack fiasco so I was not expecting much, but lo and behold, even for me this was free.

Depending on which package you go for, after a very quick download both HD and Fury will appear neatly on the main options screen, allowing you to jump into even more futuristic racing at a tap of the finger with the full expansion hosting 12 ships from HD and 12 from Fury, though in reality the Fury ships are just upgraded versions with classics like Feisar, Triakis and Piranha making a popular return to the fold, allowing you to play as any vehicle from both games, all unlocked and ready go, which also is reflected on the tracks.

Rather sensibly all of the tracks over both HD and Fury have also already been unlocked, allowing you to take on whatever you like in any order, which frees up any issues with cross play. When it comes to the races themselves there are loads to master, this expansion will take ages to play though let alone score gold on all tracks. The HD version hosts a variety of modes like full on races against seven other pilots, time trails, speed laps plus the punishing but beautiful to look at zone tracks. Just like its namesake, Fury is more focused on the destructive qualities of these ships and though there are still plenty of normal races there are also the Eliminator mode where it is all about blasting your opponents off the track, Zone Battle introduces other ships to the already difficulty zone tracks and Detonator, a mixture of an arcade shooter and racing as you weave through a huge track, shooting at targets to earn a high score.

Either for free or for the £9.99 asking price on PSN or £6.49 as separates the additional content available in these Wipeout expansion packs will make this already great racer a mainstay on your Vita.

Rating: Outstanding Review Policy (version tested: PS Vita)

Edited On 24 Jun, 2012

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