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House: ‘Good Raft of Content in the Works’ for PS Vita

PlayStation Boss Andrew House has said in a new interview that there are plenty of unannounced titles on the way for PS Vita.

“You can be assured that, whether it’s first-party or third-party, there’s a good raft of content in the works there,” House said to game website CVG.

As for when we’ll hear of, or even see these mystery titles, House would only add, “We’ll show [the new projects] when the time is right.”

House also went on to say that it’s not just game which Sony PS Vita owners should be looking forward too.

“I think at E3 we also showed that there’s a commitment to broadening out network services other than games, whether it’s YouTube or Hulu Plus, which aren’t at the core of the PS Vita’s offering, but provide additional convenience and fun.

“If we were remiss on not spending enough time on the PS Vita at E3, I’ll take that one under advisement, but you can rest assured it’s not for the want of any sense of overall commitment.

“We know that killer games are going to be what sells this device.”

Pretty encouraging words for owners of the device, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Edited On 28 Jun, 2012

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