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Onlive support coming to Sony’s new Google TV Blu-Ray player?

The new Blu-Ray player, which is to be released as part of Sony’s deal with Google TV, may support cloud streaming service OnLive.

As you can see in the specifications section below, OnLive’s gaming controller/universal serial bus dongle are listed as an optional accessory for the Sony device. This is interesting as it’s previously been rumoured that Sony had signed a deal with the cloud streaming service. Could this be some future-proofing for an unannounced deal between Sony and Onlive? What will it mean for PlayStation? Will the player stream Sony games? There are certainly plenty of unanswered questions, although we’ll no doubt find out soon.

It could simply be a new deal which will allow access to Onlive via the player, although with Sony being largely involved in games, you’d think the PlayStation brand would also be part of this in some form.

OnLive already has announced deals with Vizio and LG, while Gaikai has already signed a deal with Samsung. So this could just be a case of Sony jumping onboard.

One thing we are sure of is that PlayStation will make use of the cloud at one point, so maybe this deal is just there to help test the waters.

Thanks, VentureBeat.

Edited On 30 Jun, 2012

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