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Battlefield 3: A closer look, new screens

EA is putting a lot of faith in DICE’s latest first person shooter, Battlefield 3, and given what we saw recently at the company’s Spring Showcase on Wednesday this week, it’s becoming to come clear why the publisher has so much confidence that this could finally be the game to topple the next Call of Duty.

It’s been said there will be a huge marketing battle between Activision and EA to win over the consumer, however we are of the firm belief that its quality that counts when it comes to a games reputation, not hype, and in this respect EA may just be on to a winner.

During the 15 minute presentation we had with Battlefield 3, which was a mixture of live gameplay and video, we saw enough to convince us that this title is going to be huge.

The demo, which was pre-alpha software, started off with music blasting out over a scene which included three soldiers in an armed vehicle, sitting around sharing some jokes; this was a nice opening to the demo and reminded me of the many war films which I have watched over the years. Anyway, once the vehicle came to a stop the real fun and jaw dropping scenes began. As soon as the door of the ARV opened my jaw seriously hit the floor, the noise was deafening as vehicles zoomed past, blasting their horns and military helicopters hovered over head; this was seriously scene building stuff and the atmosphere created just by opening a door was out of this world.

So all we have done is open a door and already I’ve placed my pre-order and am calling this one of the games of the year, maybe I should calm down, yeah? Anyway, after wandering through some narrow streets we come across our commander who informs us that a squad of marines has gone missing; it’s our squad’s mission to find them obviously, so we set out.  As we wander through the streets I notice some pretty impressive scenes, there is a small, disused market, and in it a flickering lightbulb which gives the impression that no-one will be back here in a hurry and then there is the sheer detail of everything, from the tiles on the road, to the dog barking behind the fence, awesome.  As the squad moves on into a building, the whole thing starts to shake, with dust and debris falling from the ceiling, this in no doubt due to a passing vehicle or some other menace up above.

Eventually our squad comes to an opening; sneaking out is a must, so that is what we do, however just as the main character steps out, bam! One of our squad is sniped right in the side of the head; our character proceeds to drag him to safety, and after taking out the enemy threat, all of a sudden there is a new objective, find that sniper.

As the squad heads to the roof to find the sniper, they really need to watch their back, because he is onto us, and the relative safety of the wall between us and the distant sniper is chipped away each time he fires his gun. We needed to act fast, so after finding out exactly where he is, and a brief chat to plan what needs done, the squad act and a missile heads straight for the building he is occupying, take that sniper, the boys 1, the enemy 0.

The demo ended just after this scene and to be honest we wish it could have went on for another 15 minutes.  We really can’t wait to find out more, and see more of Battlefield 3, because the battle between this and the next Call of Duty is going to be the biggest and most interesting war yet.

Check out the new screens for Battlefield 3 below.

Edited On 08 Apr, 2011

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