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Sony to use Gaikai for gaming and non-gaming services

Sony is planning to bring both gaming and non-gaming services to the newly acquired Gaikai.

The buy out has still to be approved, however once it’s given the go-ahead, Sony Computer Entertainment president/CEO Andrew House, says that the company is planning to make use of Gakai’s services in more ways than one.

“It’s recognition on Sony’s part that the cloud and cloud streaming technologies are going to have profound and possibly a very positive impact on not only our game business, but also in the way our consumers interact with and obtain content in general,” House told the Wall Street Journal.

He also adds that Gaikai will run as normal, meaning that it may continue to allow streaming of PC games to TV’s, Desktops and more.

As for the future, well the possibilities are certainly there for all to see as to where this will take the PlayStation business. We’re looking forward to finding out how Sony makes use of Gaikai.

Edited On 04 Jul, 2012

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