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Minecraft v1.3 to release on August 1

Minecraft 1.3 update will be released on August 1, bringing a “huge” number of changes, some of which will be “fundamental game engine.”

“The most dramatic change is that we’ve kicked out single-player, and made it a shell on top of multiplayer,” Mojang said on the official website.

“There are two major benefits to this: first, it’s required for the modding api if we don’t want to have multiple implementations of every mod, and second, if we fix a bug in single-player, we know the bug is fixed in multiplayer, too.”

Mojang also explains that this should help increase the overall performance of the game.

“When playing single-player, the game needs to be able to both simulate and emulate the world, which take many more CPU cycles.

“We’re working on optimising rendering, but those improvements will not be included until Minecraft 1.4.”

The 1.3 update will also fix bugs and bring a whole host of other new additions such as new stairs, new half-slabs, cocoa plants and tweaked dispensers, leaves, cauldrons, levers, gravel, pressure plates, cookies, buckets, boats, minecarts, ice and furnaces.

Check out Reddit for more on the changes.

Edited On 05 Jul, 2012

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