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Machinarium listed for PS3 and PS Vita by ESRB

The UK Rating Board, ESRB, has listed Machinarium for release on PS3 and PS Vita.

According to the description, Machinarium is “an adventure-puzzle game in which players assume the role of a discarded robot (Josef) that must defuse a bomb and rescue its girlfriend.

“Players sometimes advance the storyline by playing tricks on other robots (e.g., scattering marbles to make one character slip and fall, electrocuting a robot cat); one cutscene depicts a character getting hit with a slingshot, resulting in a ‘dizzy-stars’ effect. During one extended sequence, players must construct a makeshift cigarette for another robot to smoke; another sequence depicts a character smoking a pussy-willow plant like a cigar or cigarette.”

There is an iPad version, so we’d expect the Vita version will play in a similar fashion to that.

Thanks, PSNStores.

Edited On 16 Jul, 2012

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