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PlayStation Move Heroes review

One thing that PS Move controller has lacked is serious titles, with the exception of Dead Space: Extraction and, to some degree, Sports Champions. Sadly for us grown up’s, this is not rectified by the release of PlayStation Move Heroes which seems happy to sit on the side of kids’ game more than ever.

The game is essentially a bunch of mini games lumped together and given a story to link them together. The plot is pretty thin, but workable. Three sets of heroes from iconic PlayStation universes are abducted and taken to a distant planet; here they are challenged to play through various games to prove who is the best hero. So far, so very seen through, the plot doesn’t really get more detailed than that unfortunately.

The mini games consist of basic and repetitive attempts at interesting ideas. You see, each game boils down to about four gestures made by the Move controller. You toss your controller (not literally, please) to throw an explosive flying disc or bowl a bomb-ball, then guide it with the controller after release. Other options offer little change, as instead of tossing the controller you swing or swipe it to attack enemies with either your character’s signature weapon or an electro whip. Actually, the whip is the best part of it all as it feels satisfying sweeping the purple lightning maker towards your foes, with a flick of the motion controller. The rest of the weapons feel similar in style to each other and never offer anything new, moreover there is no difference between characters to speak of, which is a real sorry state of affairs.

The mini games are devoid of all sense of fun after the first round through, that is unless your one of the younger members of the population in that is. The game certainly seems to have been  designed with kids in mind, therefore adults may find it fun playing the game with their children, in an “I can beat your score” kind of way.

Unfortunately multiplayer is a dead zone. In two player mode it ends up like a split screen shooter but without the movement, one player is given control over the movement of the character via the Nav controller or a DS3 and the other player controls the weapon and becomes the target reticule. It all feels added on, like the developer had this great idea and then got lost in the middle of development.

Talking of developer, none of the original developers have been involved in the production of the game, and as you can tell, it shows. The original voice artists have been drafted into provide the voices and they still sound good, if a little pensive.

PlayStation Move Heroes could have been something interesting but the direction that was taken means it joins the pile of kids games which are probably piling up next to the other Move titles. If Sony wants to make something of their new control interface then they really need to present better software and iconic characters, instead of add-on features for major releases.

Rating: Average

Edited On 07 Apr, 2011

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