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Borderlands 2 heads to certification

Gearbox has announced that they have completed all the on-disc content for their upcoming first person shooter, Borderlands 2.

The Texas based company made the announcement on their official community portal Gearboxity.

“Today, we have some exciting new to share about Borderlands 2 — the game is headed to certification!

This means that the game’s on-disc content has been locked down and will be thoroughly tested to ensure it is ready for release -– in other words, the game is finished and we cannot make any further changes to the game.” said Gearbox’s Community Manager, Chris Faylor.

The team will now focus their efforts on post release content, including the character class, the Mechromancer, that will be released as free downloadable content to members of the Borderlands 2 Premiere Club roughly 60 to 90 days after launch.

Check out our recent preview of the game here.

Borderlands 2 launches September 21 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. You can pre-order your copy here (PS3|Xbox 360|PC).

Edited On 20 Jul, 2012

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