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Nintendo ‘on track’ for a future in software, not hardware says Gordon

Former EA man Bing Gordon has said that he sees a very software-based future for Nintendo.

Speaking in a new interview with GamesIndustry, Gordon, who served as Chief Creative Officer of EA for ten years, said that he feels Nintendo is already “on track to become primarily a software company.”

“We saw that with Sega back in the day; Sega made some missteps and became primarily a software company.”

It wouldn’t be so far fetched really, after all, who would ever have thought that we’d see Sonic on a Nintendo machine, but it’s already happened and will continue to do so.

“Apple’s most directly competitive with Nintendo. So far, when [Nintendo designer Shigeru] Miyamoto makes a perfect game, in his career he makes games worth $200 – it’s worth buying a system for,” he said.

“I think the handheld is going to be under a lot of pressure. I can imagine a day when Nintendo wonders – and maybe it’s generational change – when Nintendo wonders if they ought to take some of their best games and make them apps.”

It’s hard to argue with this logic really, we’d imagine if the likes of Mario hit the App Store it’d never leave the top of the charts and would bring in a huge amount of profit for little outlay.

“Neither Apple or Nintendo – both those companies like control – is likely to want a partnership, but a partnership would be stunningly cool.

“I think if you’re Nintendo, as long as Miyamoto’s coming to work, you can sustain a proprietary platform. He’s that good.”

Miyamoto is now 59 years-old and is the man behind many of Nintendo’s top properties. It was rumoured recently that he’ll be retiring and if that happens it may be the final push that Nintendo shareholders need to demand the company goes software only.

Edited On 24 Jul, 2012

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