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Modern Warfare 4 to appear on current and next gen consoles?

Superannuation has been scouring the internet again and has managed to uncover news that posted another sleuth feature on more than current generation consoles.

Posting via his new feature on Kotaku, the sleuth has cited the resume of Infinity Ward’s lead engineer and project manager, Andrew Aye. The CV shows he is working on an “unannounced title,” most likely Modern Warfare 4, which is due to release on Xbox 360, PS3, PC DX11, and “TBA” – which we presume is either Wii U, or the new consoles from Sony, Microsoft or all three.

Also noted is that he’s working on “support game and engine development”, as well as being “responsible for setting technical direction and design for a new high-end DX11 code base”.

Superannuation adds that this is therefore likely to “be an entirely different game from the current-generation versions, as was the case for Call of Duty 2.”

Edited On 26 Jul, 2012

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