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Fallout: New Vegas Day 1

OK so I finally gave up trying to pretend to save money for Xmas and bought Fallout: New Vegas. I will from now on give you sporadic updates on my progress through the wastes of the Mojave desert and post apocalyptic New Vegas.

Fallout: New Vegas is the sequel to Bethesda’s 2008 smash hit Fallout 3 which received wide critical acclaim, sold millions of copies and ate several months of my life not including replays and downloadable content.

The games opening sequence is once again narrated by the fantastic Ron Perlman, who explains in his gruff voice that life in the future ain’t a bed of roses and things are about to get a whole lot worse.

Set 4 years after the events in Fallout 3, New vegas puts you in the shoes of “The Courier” who is delivering a package with a platinum poker chip to New Vegas. Unfortunately for you these turn out to be dead mans shoes.

You are ambushed by Benny Gecko (voiced by Matthew Perry) who steals your package and, after a quick “No hard feelings kid”, shoots you in the head and dumps your body in a shallow grave in the desert Casino style.

Benny Gecko

No hard feelings kid!

An oddly mysterious yet seemingly simple minded robot named Victor notices the events and, after Gecko has left, digs you up and finds your still alive. He takes your body to Goodsprings the nearby town where you are patched up by local sore bones Doctor Mitchell and this is when your adventure begins.


Welcome To Goodsprings Nevada - Population: About to get smaller

Now even just writing that little intro for you has made me want to start coughing loudly, clutching my throat and crying off home sick to get back to the game. New Vegas has something that many games just cant provide, theatre.

Many people have complained that not much has moved on in New Vegas from Fallout 3 and to be honest they are right. When you load it up and start playing you might be slightly disappointed by the visuals as they are for all intensive purposes just as they were before. I have also found and annoying bug that seems to freeze the game just for half a second or so every now and then (which I am hoping will be fixed when I load up the machine again). However once you start playing, start living and breathing the Mojave Wastes, you just don’t give a radioactive rats ass.

So far I have just about finished the opening tutorial missions in Goodsprings and about to venture out on my own into the wastes, I’m nervous and excited all in one. What will I find out there, how will I survive? Well I know that I cant wait to find out!

Keep checking back to find out how I get on.

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Edited On 03 Nov, 2010

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