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FIFA 13 detailed for Wii U

FIFA 13 has been confirmed for Nintendo’s Wii U, with details on the game coming via the latest issue of the Official Nintendo Magazine.

Speaking via the magazine, EA producer Matt Prior revealed that the visuals are “on a par with Xbox 360 and PS3,” adding that EA, “were even able to make some key graphical improvements.”

As for controls and gameplay, ONM mentions that the title will make extensive use of the GamePad’s touchscreen. This will include being able to tap on players when defending to man-mark or tackle, play passes, and when in range shake the controller or click the left analogue stick to aim shots with a touch. You’ll also be able to manage tactics and analyse statistics on the screen. It’s also reported that you’ll be able to lift and move the GamePad itself to view the pitch from the player’s perspective when taking freekicks.

There is currently no date for the Wii U version, but we expect it to arrive around the same time as the console itself.

Edited On 01 Aug, 2012

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