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Capcom shows off new gameplay with playable Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6

Capcom has announced today that Ada Wong will have a playable campaign in the upcoming zombie spectacular, Resident Evil 6.

Ada’s campaign features unique missions and will provide her perspective on the bioterrorist outbreaks that threaten to wipe out the world’s population. Ada Wong’s campaign becomes available once players have completed the campaigns for Leon, Chris and Jake. Ada will not have a co‐op partner but her campaign will still feature key story and action cross over moments, when she is joined by the game’s other playable characters.

Capcom also released details of a new feature within Resident Evil 6:

Agent Hunt Mode

In this all new online mode for the Resident Evil series, experience the action from the other side. As a “hunter”, join the enemy side to become one of the game’s zombies, J’avo or other C‐virus mutations and infiltrate another active game session to eliminate the human characters. As a hunter, players will have access to the unique movements and attacks of each of the enemies including those of the various J’avo transformations.

And finally, here’s a selection of new Ada Wong screenshots.

You can now pre-order the steel book version of Resident Evil 6 from ShopTo on either PS3 or Xbox 360

Edited On 03 Aug, 2012

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