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Countdown to Darksiders II: The Charred Council

Continuing our Countdown to the release of Darksiders 2, today we take a look at the main reason Death finds himself fighting to save his brother – The Charred Council.

The Charred Council are the ancient keepers of balance, governing the laws in the struggle between Heaven and Hell. There are three Heads that physically represent the council, though the true number of council members and their identities are unknown. Each has a different role, and speak differently. The First is harsh and accusatory; the second questions all things, seeing the far reaching consequences of the crime before it and the judgment at hand. The Third is wise and slow to rouse, and usually offers a course of action that is most fair.

The council itself has been influenced by corruption, knowingly or unknowingly contributing to its strength as it devours creation.

In the original Darksiders, when the Apocalypse prematurely occurred War was held responsible for the events of the Apocalypse and the ultimate destruction of Earth. The Charred Council was furious with War, stating that he forgot his post and the law. War did manage to strick a deal so that he could return to Earth to clear his name, however he was stripped of his powers and bound to The Watcher (a demon) to ensure his loyalty. In Darksiders II, Death, knowing that his brother War is the most honorable and incorruptible, defies the Council and sets out on a personal mission to find proof of his brother’s innocence.

Join us tomorrow when we’ll take a look at an other area of Darksiders II.

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Edited On 08 Aug, 2012

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