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New Dishonored video shows off some creative kills

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have released a new video showing off a few of the more creative ways to eliminate foes in Dishonored.

First up is ‘Death by Rat’ – Devouring Swarm, Bend Time, Spring Razor, and Possession were used to multiply one rat into hundreds while booby-trapping them with explosive shrapnel grenades.

Secondly, ‘Friendly Fire’ – The player uses the Bend Time and Possession ability to control his enemy’s placement. Once the enemy fires, the player can freeze time and move that same enemy in front of his own bullet. Excellent.

And finally, ‘Reversal of Fortune’ – The Rewire Tool and Polarity Reversed are used to hack into many of the games in game mechanical defenses and machines, using them against their creators.

You can pre-order your copy of Dishonored from ShopTo here.

Edited On 09 Aug, 2012

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