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Counter Strike: Global Offensive arrives on PSN next week

Valve’s Counter Strike: Global Offensive will be released via the PlayStation Store next week.

This latest version of the team-based action game, which originally arrived in 1999,  adds new weapons, dramatically improved visual effects, and a skill-based matchmaking system. PlayStation Move support is also included.

“Developing for PlayStation 3 gave us a great opportunity to take advantage of the unique qualities of the platform,” says a post on the PS Blog. “For example, we’re supporting a wide range of input devices including the PlayStation Move, PlayStation Move sharp shooter, and even keyboard and mouse.

“Naturally, support for these devices means that different players in the same match might be using different controllers. Players using mouse and keyboard might end up playing against players using a joystick or motion controls. Our matchmaking system allows us to support all of these input devices without disrupting the balance of the game – you’ll be matched against players who perform at your skill level, regardless of what controller you (or they) choose to use. The system maintains a separate ranking for each input device, so players should feel free to experiment with each one.”

In addition, two new modes, “Arms Race” and “Demolition” are included in the new version of the game. Here, every kill a player earns refreshes their weapon loadout with better guns. In Arms Race these progressive rewards are instantaneous, whereas in Demolition you’ll receive the new weapon in the next round.

Thanks, Official PlayStation Blog.

Edited On 14 Aug, 2012

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