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No female players in FIFA – Rutter

FIFA executive producer David Rutter has said that the publisher has no plans to put female players into the game.

“We get literally thousands upon thousands of suggestions from our fans for new features and we have to evaluate those suggestions, such as the inclusion of female players in the game, against our resources, priorities and overall fan feedback. At present, we don’t have plans to include female players in the game,” Rutter told CVG.

To be honest it’s the first we’ve heard of such a suggestion, although according to VG247, following the success of  women’s football at the London Olympics, a petition was set up to try and get female footballers into the next title.

So what do you think? Is the female version of the sport popular enough to warrant inclusion within the next FIFA? Can you see FIFA ever including woman’s football? It’s certainly an interesting thought.

Edited On 14 Aug, 2012

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