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FIFA 13 skips past cross-platform play for Vita and PS3

FIFA 13  on PS3 will not connect to the Vita version and vice versa, however EA is working on adding such features in future versions.

“We are doing a Vita version,” EA Sports David Rutter told Eurogamer in Cologne earlier today. “Sony were kind enough to put that up yesterday, though I don’t know if it’s going to be called FIFA 13 or FIFA Soccer.

“We don’t have cross-platform play,” Rutter added. “It’s something that, when you look at the priorities of what’s going to be done, do you want to be working on passing, shooting, attacking intelligence etc. or that – and we’d rather make a brilliant playing game for everyone rather than something that’s only going to appeal to specific people.”

Rutter also added that sharing save games is another feature that’s missing for now. “Not at the moment,” Rutter said when asked about the feature, “But all of the things that we’re trying to figure out across football at the moment is how to get every device connected up.”

The last version of FIFA on the Vita was without doubt one of the best games released so far for the device, so we have big hopes for this latest version.

Edited On 15 Aug, 2012

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