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Need for Speed: Most Wanted, not dumbed down for Vita

Enthusiastic Alex Ward, Vice President of Criterion, has said that Need for Speed: Most Wanted, “Is going to be the best racing game on Vita this year.”

Speaking and showing off the game to IGN at gamescom, Ward revealed that Need for Speed: Most Wanted is essentially the same as the PS3 and Xbox 360 games.

“Everything we have from the ‘TV game’ is here on the small screen,” he says. This means that every highway, back street, bridge and tunnel is included, as are all the cars, the meet-ups, the challenges and the drive-through garages.

“This is pretty much the PS3 version of the game shoehorned onto Vita very tightly,” he continues. “This is a very technically ambitious thing to do – there aren’t any open-world games on Vita so far. To keep the world the same, to not make any compromises – that’s what we’ve done.”

IGN reports that the handling is just as sharp and responsive as the console version, while adding that the drifting is also perfectly pitched. “On handheld the physics are very hard to get right because you’re very limited on memory but the handling is pretty much the same,” explains Ward. “We can do the same demo on Vita that we can on PS3.”

It’s also claimed that all of the detail from the home console game is carried over too; cars gets scuffed, scraped and damaged with every knock. There will be races at different times of day, with IGN claiming to have seen a switch from daytime to dusk, complete with car headlights.

“These cars are the best cars ever to appear in a Need for Speed game,” he enthuses, “and they’re the same here as they are on PS3 and 360. To get them onto Vita like this is ******* insane.”

Multiplayer will also be fully supported, with all of the modes and challenges making it onto Sony’s handheld. Cross-play isn’t going to feature, but Autolog will. The game will also make use of Vita’s unique features, such as the touchscreen.

It sounds like this could be one of the most impressive Vita games yet, and there’s still a chance you might get it for free via Cross-Buy, since EA says it’s considering this.

Edited On 15 Aug, 2012

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