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Sony set to up Vita marketing money

Sony is set to spend more money on marketing for PS Vita this Q4 than it did over the platform’s launch earlier this year.

According to MCV, the platform holder plans to promote the handheld through the release of numerous bundles and TV advertising.

“We’re currently putting the finishing touches to our campaign, and throughout peak we’ll be spending more marketing money than we did during the launch period,” SCE UK’s senior product manager Ian Vinten explained to MCV.

“Our comprehensive TV plan kicks off in September and will run in key bursts to Christmas, focusing on the new titles. Our first ad will feature FIFA 13 and LittleBigPlanet.

“Having FIFA 13 in our creative is a great example of how we’re engaging with the third-party titles. These games really deliver against the promise of the hardware and are what our consumers have been crying out for.”

Once sales pick up, Sony plans to continue the momentum through the release of first party software titles such as the new Killzone and Media Molecule’s Tearaway.

“History has shown that great quality content drives demand for hardware,” added VP and MD for SCE UK & Ireland Fergal Gara.

“We hope you’ll agree that the outstanding array of software showcased at Gamescom, covering some of the biggest and best franchises, demonstrates our commitment to the platform.

“This strength and depth of software support, in combination with a heavyweight marketing campaign, retail focused bundles and sampling, puts the PS Vita in a very strong position for Christmas and beyond.”

Edited On 16 Aug, 2012

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Jimbo_1's avatar
Jimbo_1 4 years ago
They certainly need to advertise this as it look very poor at gamescon but then it is COD and I guess it will sell.
The Boss's avatar
They should use the money to reduce the price...
The Boss 4 years ago

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