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Welcome to the new ShopToNews

Welcome to the new ShopToNews. As you may have noticed, both ShopTo and ShopToNews have been redesigned, allowing for a more pleasant and integrated reader experience. 

I'd like to take time to explain some of the new features which you can come to expect from the news site, so here's a quick summary: 

1. You can now sign in and comment using your ShopTo account 
2. When signed in, you can order/pre-order items as you would normally when browsing for a game on ShopTo.
3. All our news is completely integrated with the main shop, this means you can view the latest video for the game we are writing about, as well as being able to order/pre-order it using the product link at the bottom of the story 
4. As you may have noticed, ShopToNews is also now featured on the front page of ShopTo, giving you easy access to the latest stories
5. News Tab within Product Page - You'll start to notice that within each product page, news will appear for anything we have written related to that game. 

We love the fact that you can now comment using your ShopTo account and we can't wait to discuss the latest stories and reviews with you in our comments section. 

One things we should mention is that the ShopToNews site now runs on a custom built system and not Wordpress. This means that in the future we'll be able to add even more features, allowing the website to continually evolve. 

Since this was such a big project, you'll no doubt find a few errors from the content being transferred over, if you do spot anything or have any suggestions then please contact us at editorial@shopto.net. 

We'll be continuing with the basic improvements over the next few weeks, so if there is something missing from the news site then chances are that we're working on it, otherwise please feel free to let us know what you'd like to see. 

Thanks and welcome to the new ShopToNews, we hope you stick around and we look forward to reading your comments.

Edited On 17 Aug, 2012

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