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EA putting a lot of resources into stopping FIFA hackers

EA's Frank Gibeau has stated that EA has been adding many layers of security to prevent a repeat of FIFA 12's Ultimate Team hacks. 

?We learned a lot from the experience?, Gibeau said speaking to Joystiq, ?A lot of companies are suffering from this right now. There?s a lot of sophisticated hacking happening in the gaming industry and it?s a continuous battle.?

?We take it very seriously, put a lot of resources on it.? Gibeau continuned, ?The learning from the FIFA example last year has been incorporated this year. There?s some incremental and additional things. I don?t want to get too detailed because I don?t want to tip our hand. Rest assured, we take it very seriously.?

Gibeau also said that EA had hired someone from Microsoft to add layers of security precautions and other anti-hack methods inside the publisher's products.

FIFA 13 is out on September 28th and you can preorder from ShopTo below.

Edited On 21 Aug, 2012

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Jimbo_1's avatar
Jimbo_1 4 years ago
It's about time. Many people still do not have their accounts back from this hack and EA have tended to avoid the problem. My suggestion is never use the same log in details on different sites.

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