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Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational gets PS3 port, supports 1080p and cross platform play.

Sony will be porting over Hot Shots World Invitational to the PS3 this November 22 in Japan, under the name of Hot Shots Golf 6. No word yet on a European release.

The news of the port was announced through this month's Famitsu. The PS3 version will support Move, and will be playable with the Vita version via cross play. All the downloadable content that was released for the Vita version will be included from the start.

The PS3 version will also add two new modes not included in the Vita version, "Slot Mode" and "Minna no Short Course." Slot Mode gives you certain advantages that you win via slots. Minna no Short Course puts you on courses that consists exclusively of short holes.

Other features include:

Condition changes for obtaining trophies.
Up to four people can play together offline.
Lobbies, Real Tournaments, Rankings, Daily National Conventions, and cross-play with PlayStation Vita users.

Edited On 22 Aug, 2012

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Jimbo_1's avatar
Jimbo_1 4 years ago
Porting Vita games to the Ps3, what incentive does this give to the gamer to buy a Vita if they are going to part them to the PS3?

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