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Funcom and THQ hit with lay offs

Norwegian developer Funcom and THQ have both announced lay offs this morning.

Funcom called the layoffs "temporary" in a statement issued to MMO blog Massively last night, and insisted "we have long-term plans for the company" and "we remain fully committed to all of our games". The number of employees who have lost their jobs remains unknown, but it's expected to be a significant number. The developer's recent MMO The Secret World failed to meet expected sales figures and released to a mediocre response from reviewers. 

According to a leaked internal e-mail from THQ boss Jason Rubin shared online by ex-3D Realms bos and Duke Nukem 3D creator George Broussard.

"None of the development teams are effected, and we do not anticipate the reduction to have any impact whatsoever on the titles in production or the future scale of our output. It is also quite likely that in the long run the company will hire new individuals with different skill sets in their stead. To put this in perspective, Volition alone anticipates growing by about 20 individuals in the next 12 months."

"This represents a shift of resources from oversight to production, and from centralization out to the teams. I would also like to note that these two departments were largely unaffected by the January reduction, so it makes some sense that their size and capabilities do not align with the changes made elsewhere." 

Edited On 22 Aug, 2012

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Jimbo_1's avatar
Jimbo_1 4 years ago
Not surprised with THQ IMO the only decent game to come from them be it developed or published was Saints 3 and that felt like a rehash of 2 but still a decent game. Then all this with going to their own servers and online pass's drop the online pass and go with P2P you were making more cash then.

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