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Uncharted 3 detailed in latest OPM

The latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine has unveiled some juicy details regarding Naughty Dog’s Uncharted 3, including details on the story and the environment in which you play.

According to the summary, which has been written up on Systemlink, Drake spends most of his time exploring the Arabian dunes of Rub’ al Khali, which according to the magazine features “all of the things you’d expect in a desert” – including sandstorms and mirages.

Also mentioned is that the sand creates a ‘dynamic environment’ for Drake, with altering geography, “We’ve done a ton of research…The way sand blows over and curls over the tops of dunes, the way it displaces and flows – it’s almost a liquid” explained Amy Hennig, Creative Director.

The main quest, which is based around Lawrence Of Arabia, and his fascination with Iram Of The Pillars, will see Drake and Sullivan in the Empty Quarter, looking for the Iram Of The Pillars, a kind of Arabian Atlantis. Interestingly the story to the game is still being written and altered, but villain Katherine Marlowe is part of an secret order that dates back to Queen Elizabeth I. There is also the promise of returning characters from past games.

OPM also says that although a lot of the game is spent in a desert,  not all of the locations are dry and arid; you’ll also be taken over the world to places like London and a jungle temple.

Finally there is also a new melee system in place, an example of which shows Drake picking up a bottle from a table and smashing it over an enemy’s head. There are also new stealth moves and mechanics.

The magazine closes its article by saying, if there is a public beta then fans will be alerted about it, while it also mentions this won’t be the last we’ll see of Drake as the series as never confirmed to be just a trilogy, which is great news obviously.

Issue 57 of OPM is out now, sounds like one you may want to wander down the road to buy.

Edited On 11 Apr, 2011

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