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Walking Dead Episode 3 delayed on EU PSN

The next episode of The Walking Dead will be delayed for European PSN users.

While it'll appear on PSN in the US today, and on Xbox LIVE and Steam tomorrow,  it seems like EU PSN users will have to wait.

"The title is in submission with our international partners at SCEE. As soon as Telltale Games receives a release confirmation, a date will be announced," Telltale community manager, Alan Johnson, posted on the company's blog.

Episode 2 was delayed for quite a while, so perhaps this comes as no surprise. It does make you wonder though why Microsoft can manage to get it out on time but SCEE can't.

Edited On 28 Aug, 2012

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Gavin's avatar
Gavin 4 years ago
is that delayed eu walking dead for all formats or just psn?
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
PSN only. SCEE are a useless bunch of tossers. Cocked up Counter Strike last week too
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
Jimbo_1's avatar
Jimbo_1 4 years ago
SCEE fail yet again. This is the last time i buy a seasons pass from them. By all tell tale games in the futer on Xbox.
lfcgorsty's avatar
lfcgorsty 4 years ago
This is why I love my Xbox 360. Aren't PSN still waiting for Dawnguard and may potentially be waiting for a long time?

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