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Black Ops II's multiplayer features detailed with Revenge Voice and no Deathstreaks

Some of Call of Duty: Black Ops II's multiplayer features have been detailed by Treyarch in the latest One of Swords podcast.

Treyarch's game design director David Vonderhaar said, speaking on the OoS podcast, that deathstreaks have been removed as 'Second Chance', 'Last Stand' and 'Final Stand' have all been removed.

"There's no combination whatsoever of perk or deathstreak that puts the guy in the downed state in multiplayer," he said. "It's still used as the revival state in Zombies when you get downed. But it's not in multiplayer. There is no perk and there are no deathstreaks, so there is no Final Stand or equivalent of it.?

Vonderhaar went on to say: "Let's say you took UAV and Counter UAV, If you earned the UAV then earned the Counter UAV, you're going to start building again for the UAV, but if you haven't spent it, if you haven't called it in or activated it, you?re not going to get a second one. You're just going to get notified that you're back at that part of the chain."

"You would definitely want to activate those scorestreaks so when you loop, you'll get them again. It?s not like Black Ops 1, which is they just keep going forever and you effectively have to die to loop. You don?t have to die to loop at any point; you'll just keep looping."

Possibly the best new optional feature included is the option to allow players to hear the last few words spoken by an enemy they have killed. Treyarch call it 'Revenge Voice'

"It's an option that you can turn on and off in custom games," he said. "We gave it a name...Revenge Voice. It's on in public games; we can turn it off in league play if we want. We love that thing. It's funny."

Call of Duty Black Ops II is coming out this November 9th.


Edited On 30 Aug, 2012

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