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Dead Island: Riptide gets batch of new screens

Techland has released a bunch of new screens for Dead Island: Riptide, giving us a look at what to expect from the sequel.

We loved the first game and praised it quite a bit. It seems most people agreed with us too, which just goes to show that we might know what we're talking about (yeah we did say might).

Anyway, you can check out the new screens below and below that you can hit the pre-order button, which might just be a good idea.

Edited On 31 Aug, 2012

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Colin (News Writer)'s avatar
Colin (News Writer) 4 years ago
That Chrome Engine is actually quite impressive. Riptide is looking pretty good.
Whitey's avatar
Whitey 4 years ago
I actually quite liked dead island, though i wish it was a bit more polished as it did feel a bit out dated
BaldBoxer's avatar
BaldBoxer 4 years ago
Thought that dead island was a really good game and will defo be picking this one up, another pre order for sure, shopto please keep taking my money haha
uncleniccius's avatar
uncleniccius 4 years ago
Hopefully this will improve upon the first game! I loved it, but it did have its faults. A few changes, and this could be a huge game for Deep Silver.
Bhamkeyx's avatar
Bhamkeyx 4 years ago
I couldn't get into Dead Island, hopefuly Dead Island Riptide can improve on all the negative issues the previous game had. I was looking forward to the first game, was a little disappointed but I hope Riptide is going to be a game worth playing for many hours.
no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
WOW, this game seems to be shaping up quite necely. I will be keeping an eye out on this game for sure.
solidsnakealpha's avatar
solidsnakealpha 4 years ago
Put many hours into the first Dead Island, great game...especially with three friends. Had this pre-ordered since it's inception,can't wait.

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