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Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII announced

Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning is coming back in a new game, Square-Enix announced today. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Series director Motomu Toriyama revealed that Lightning will make her comeback, returning as a stronger character than she was in the first two games. He also added that Lightning is going to face her final battle, meaning the end of her trilogy of games.

According to Kotaku, the game will offer players a lot of ways to customize their version of Lightning, with various outfits on offer affecting her abilities throughout the game.

We are also told character control will be more dynamic, with Lightning being able to hang off ledges, pull herself up, jump, duck behind corners. You'll also be able to move her around in battle.

As for graphical presentation, well the game apparently touches on three themes: gothic, mechanical and fantasy. The world runs in real-time and includes a time-of-day system, with a monorail that moves through it on schedule, like everything else in the world.

Finally it was also revealed that Lightning will have 13 days to save the world, so it seems like time will be of the essence when playing through this, her final adventure.

The game will be out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2013.


Edited On 01 Sep, 2012

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Stabber's avatar
Stabber 4 years ago
hope they improve this next one. i liked the previous FFXIII games but there were a few downfalls to it in my view
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
I feel they're spending too much time on the XIII version. They should be forthcoming and improving to get another universe out for this generation of games, rather than just rehashing the same characters.
SkySaber's avatar
SkySaber 4 years ago
XIII-2 was a big improvement over XIII in my eyes, and one of the main reasons for that was LESS Lightning. She's an awful character, and to go back to making a game about ONLY her will be painful. Not looking forward to this game and i am/was a huge final fantasy fan :(
Whitey's avatar
Whitey 4 years ago
I wish these games would get released on PC. Not much of a console gamer any more these days.
no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
I hated FF 13, FF 13-2 was a big improvement, i'm hoping FF 13-3 will improve on FF 13-2 further. And hopefully FF 13 versus will be released within the next 10 years. :)
Anonymous user's avatar
i think ff13-versus has been counted as vaporware :(
Baoson 4 years ago
angelus3889's avatar
angelus3889 4 years ago
Ive never been into the final fantasy games I found that the controls were far to complicated. I have to say that graphically they are at the top of the tree.
shane_5121's avatar
shane_5121 4 years ago
I've yet to complete FF XIII, XIII-2 yet! I really hope they improve on the last outing though, i played afew hours of XIII-2 and was a disappointment compared to XIII.
Anonymous user's avatar
Shiraz 4 years ago
looks amazing, me and my friends are waiting to play it all together allready
Cloudedpaul's avatar
Cloudedpaul 4 years ago
why do they keep wasting there time on this? surely the most money would be remakes or sequels to the popular final fantasys such as 1-8, they dont do themselves any favours by ignoring fans requests for a remake of 7, it was and still is one of the best storys in gaming!
Konakona's avatar
In my opinion they should have scrapped FFXIV after it's failure and moved on to either completing Versus XIII or working on FFXV.
Konakona 4 years ago
Konakona's avatar
Konakona 4 years ago
FF XIII Was a great game with great characters - far too linear however. FF XIII-2 Was a much better games, but not enough characters imo, However they improved so much from XIII that it was a good sequel, but I think the time travelling got a bit complicating. I do like Lightning as a character, I hope that really do well with this game. I will probably buy this but I really hope they do not go down the FFX-2 road and ruin it.
Shnoorum's avatar
I'd like to see a new battle mechanic. I heard it is but haven't sresearched enough to see for myself. The current battles are good and everything but thats 2 games now, time to move on to something newer I think
Shnoorum 4 years ago

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