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Gibeau: EA working on 3-5 new IPs for next gen

EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau has said in a new interview that the publisher is working on at least three new games for the next generation of consoles.

Speaking to Games Industry, Gibeau talked about the importance of the next generation of hardware, the threats against it and how EA is approaching it.

"Gen 4 hardware is a huge opportunity, and it's going to lead to a huge growth spurt for the industry," Gibeau says. "The only thing that could really displace that is really high-end tablets and IPTV, and IPTV is further out than just a couple of years. I mean, the capabilities are there, but it's going to be a really long time before it breaks through. But those are the only two places I see that kind of risk occurring, and the good news for EA is that we're going to publish across all of them. We might ultimately find that to our advantage."

Gibeau then went on to say that he feels "the time to launch an IP is at the front-end of the hardware cycle," adding that "historically the majority of new IPS are introduced within the first 24 months of each cycle of hardware platforms.

"Right now, we're working on 3 to 5 new IPs for the next gen."

Gibeau has already stated in the past that he believes next generation consoles will arrive around this time next year. If he's as much in the know as he seems to be, then we'd expect an announcement from both Microsoft and Sony at next year's E3 or possibly even sooner.

Edited On 04 Sep, 2012

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visa 3 years ago
Fifa Madden Tiger Woods PGA Tour Battlefield Crysis Any I'm missing out?
Surely a new IP means just that, new. Not the next installment of a current franchise. EA are right though. Get a good new IP out in the early stages of a consoles lifecycle and you have the options to make plenty of money making sequels!
adwan 3 years ago
Cloudedpaul 3 years ago
EA get a bad rep as a company but i cant think of a single terrible game from them and thats what counts, the games, im glad to see them developing now as it should mean we will see some fantastic next gen launch titles and if they decide to add a little battlefield 4 to the next gen mix i wont be complaining!
Most of the games on my shelf are from EA, and i'm sure it's the same for many other gamers. Says it all really. They really have improved their reputation from a few years back. I believe BF4 will be a next gen game. Not at launch but maybe a year after. The beta will be avaible just after console launch. It wouldn't make any sense for them to release it on current consoles if they believe themselves that we will see a new gen of consoles by the end of next year.
adwan 3 years ago
DynamiteWhyte 3 years ago
Atleast they are being innovative. EA are the biggest distrubutors on the market, so hopefully we'll see them link up with some big companys to get games out. Hopefully one of the ones they show is the new UFC game they've been announced as creating. Can't wait to see it. EA's firepower and money behind the biggest MMA company in the business.
although technically it wouldnt be new ips, it would be really awesome if they picked up some of the dead game franchises like beyond good and evil 2 or soul reaver, i know those two are owned already but they were the 2 of the top of my head i would like to see a company like EA pick up!
Cloudedpaul 3 years ago
Anonymous user's avatar
Shiraz 3 years ago
Dragon age, Dead space...hope for a new game for the next gen
BaldBoxer 3 years ago
wonder if this includes EA UFC, which is a license they picked up a couple of months ago

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