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SEGA renews trademark for Skies of Arcadia

SEGA has renewed its trademark for Dreamcast classic, Skies of Arcadia, perhaps suggesting that an HD remake may be on the way.

It's been suggested for a while now that the RPG will make a return, with PSN and XBLA the likely destination and now users over at NeoGAF have spotted SEGA's trademark renewal, which dates back to July.

We'd love to see this game make a return. If it does, it'll be in good company, since SEGA has recently dated Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS into Dreams and Sonic Adventure 2.

Edited On 04 Sep, 2012

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adwan's avatar
adwan 4 years ago
Not more HD remakes. I for one am getting a bit bored of all these HD remakes of old games. They may be great for some people but I just see it as money making cash cows for developers. They should just put more effort in to developing new games that work. More and more we are seeing broken games being released then patched later.
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 years ago
Well I never got to play Skies of Arcadia & i still cant judging by the prices Online so I'm all for the RErelease. 3725 Microsoft Points with SEGA's name on them
Stabber's avatar
Stabber 4 years ago
OMG, i love skies of arcadia, i got it on my gamecube. i dont mind the HD remake, but i hope it comes to a game series.
no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
I'm hoping for Skies of Arcadia 2 as i have played the Gamecube version numerous times. I probably will end up picking it up again in HD if it comes with achievements/trophies, but hopefully if it is the same game then they could add more characters and additional weapons.

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