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PS Plus 25% off discount starts today

As announced at gamescom, Sony have reduced the price of the year long PS Plus subscription by 25% from today.


The offer runs from today until September 19, the offer lets you to pick up a 1 year PS Plus pass for 29.99 Pounds/37.49 Euros, down from the usual price of 39.99 Pounds/49.99 Euros.

Sony have also confirmed that subscriptions will be stackable allowing current PS Plus subscribers to be involved in Sony's latest offer.

Edited On 05 Sep, 2012

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DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
After paying for Madden and FIFA, can't see me being able to get this :( Everything comes out when you're skint!
johnleonhart's avatar
johnleonhart 4 years ago
I'll be picking a new sub up today as my current PS Plus runs out tomorrow anyway. Good value for money as you always get back alot more than the £'s you put down for the service.
no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
Nice one. I'll have to pick up a PSN card soon and renew my subscription.
adwan's avatar
adwan 4 years ago
I have until April 2013 till my sub runs out. Does anyone know if I buy another year now, will it just add on to my current subsription so I won't have to renew again until April 2014?
master frodo's avatar
Yeah, they stack up. So you can add to your current sub.
master frodo 4 years ago
Colin (News Writer)'s avatar
I take it you didn't read the second half of the article :D
Colin (News Writer) 4 years ago
adwan's avatar
Thank you master Frodo. I'm not too sure how I missed that midnightbacon, must have completely glossed over it! Whoops! Cheers.
adwan 4 years ago
Cloudedpaul's avatar
Cloudedpaul 4 years ago
getting this tomorrow to stack on the month i have left, plus has turned out to be an awesome service and major rival to gold, i cant wait to get my hands on read dead later
Loli-Nox-Tan's avatar
Loli-Nox-Tan 4 years ago
well that my weekend sorted.29.99 now that's a deal
Colin (News Writer)'s avatar
Colin (News Writer) 4 years ago
I just need to find £30!
Nijogi's avatar
Nijogi 4 years ago
Will be picking this up when the update goes live!
seipher's avatar
seipher 4 years ago
This is sweet, this time last year i got ps plus when sony had 20% off and i was hoping they would have it again as i def wanna stay with it (so many free games (kinda free anyway)). and now they have! awesome sony thanks :)
screally's avatar
screally 4 years ago
Would be nice if they could sort out their release dates -.-
square_nine's avatar
square_nine 4 years ago
Just bought instant PSN code and now ready to take this offer. Had the same last time (and the year before, 15m for the price of 12) so every year I timed this perfectly. Nice one. Almost 3 years PSN subs and my 250GB HDD is almost full.
adwan's avatar
Yeah my 320gb is probably over two thirds full now. It's crazy the amount of free games we have received since the launch of PS+. Almost all the games bar a few psn games have been ones I got for free through PS+.
adwan 4 years ago
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
I wish I had money to afford this, because I'm all out :(
hXcPete's avatar
hXcPete 4 years ago
My PS+ ended today, I don't think I've played enough of the games to pay for a third year, sorry Sony.
sam_w's avatar
sam_w 4 years ago
Wish I had waited before buying (auto renew :( ) a year of plus last month, don't really fancy adding another year on top of that!

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