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Konami announces release date for PES 2013

Konami has announced that PES 2013 will be released on September 21, giving it a week head start on it's biggest rival, FIFA 13.

PES 2013 introduces the brand new 'PES Full Control system', a new feature which gives players full manual control over every pass and shot. The game's new Pro Active AI ensures players move and react as they would in real life, while the new Player ID system means that the world's greatest players are more recognisable by how they look, move and play.

Release dates for the planned PSP, PlayStation 2, Nintendo 3DS and Wii versions will be announced shortly.

Edited On 06 Sep, 2012

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no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
Will a week's head start really make a difference though? IMO PES hasn't been on par with the FIFA games in along time, FIFA will always be no1 to football fans.
adwan's avatar
My thoughts exactly. I think people who were planning on getting Fifa over PES still will regardless of which is released first. Only bonus it will have is the reviews will come along sooner for PES so a few may be swayed to picking up PES. Just wait for retailers to jump on this and have a trade-in offer ready to trade in PES and get Fifa for somewhere between 99p to £5.
adwan 4 years ago
BooMark's avatar
After playing the final release demo for PES 2013 I reckon this has the better gameplay by a long shot over FIFA's previous offerings for which I got bored really quickly. The intricacies of the PES system had me totally hooked on the demo version, trying to perfect the moves takes some skill and timing so I'm actually looking forward to this one.
BooMark 4 years ago
DynamiteWhyte's avatar
DynamiteWhyte 4 years ago
Konami should have done this back when FIFA 09 was introduced, not when they are the worse of the competition. They still had a stranglehold then. Now they're hoping people will get Pro Evo just to tide them over for FIFA.
BaldBoxer's avatar
BaldBoxer 4 years ago
Its a shame really because PES used to rule the football simulation market, but in a few short years have fallen so far behind the FIFA titles that im surprised they manage to make any money at all
BaldBoxer's avatar
BaldBoxer 4 years ago
Going up against borderlands 2 head to head for sales, not a good idea KONAMI

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