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Next Xbox has 'painfully low' processor issues

Tech website, SemiAccurate, is reporting that Microsoft's Next Xbox may suffer a delay, before it's even been officially announced.

According to the site, it has been hearing about problems regarding the 'Oban' chip within the system. Apparently yields on the chip, which is being developed at several manufacturers in the East, are said to be something between "painfully low and worse than that. In fact, one source even goes on to say that, "yields are not even up to horrid yet."

With this in mind, it seems like the December date in which Microsoft was hoping to start volume production, may not happen. SemiAccurate does add that breakthroughs can happen at literally any time, so there is still lots of hope.

The website does suggest that Microsoft was hoping to launch the system around September 2013, however if these issues aren't resolved, then it seems like we won't be seeing the console till late 2013 /early 2014.

Edited On 06 Sep, 2012

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visa's avatar
visa 4 years ago
It seems next-gen could possibly drag down current-gen PC gaming... I really don't want another generation to do that!
Anonymous user's avatar
Shiraz 4 years ago
Maybe it's for good, we will have extra time to enjoy from the 360 console :)
Greigyboii's avatar
It would make for a quiet winter though with like NO xbox 360 titles being released in later 2013 - I have just survived the summer (barely) with little to none games to play. So hopefully it will make an appearance at the end of 2013 of I am going to be so bored over the winter '13. Winter is coming.
Greigyboii 4 years ago
Cathe's avatar
Cathe 4 years ago
Well if it takes longer for them to release the console, it won't affect any of us. The console hasn't been officially announced yet so if it does get pushed to early 2014, it doesn't really matter :P I do hope they take extra time to perfect it though. Besides, the current consoles are more than good enough to see us through for a while yet.
Cloudedpaul's avatar
Cloudedpaul 4 years ago
i hope they do delay it, give more time to sorting out any problems and any potential problems (RRoD) and get it perfect right out of the gate, i must admit i am a ps3 fanboi, but if they can get this one right then it will be sitting next to my ps4
KOTOR Legend's avatar
KOTOR Legend 4 years ago
I dont understand the rush for new consoles to be released so soon. With all the AAA titles available in this generation and things like Kinect only scratching the surface of what can be achieved, I dont see why we all are looking as soon as next year for new hardware. I hope they take their time over this development and launch so they get it right as Cloudedpaul says. I'd rather they put more resources into delivering more value for our Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in the same vein as PSN+ with free retail games etc. All we get is the same old stuff and a bunch of adverts for our cash.
x loopymoo x's avatar
I see your point about paying for XBL Gold but you see the basic interface you get with PSN, its pretty terrible, clearly they are still playing catch up and they havent got much further forward in the past few years. Xbox is so much easier on the eye and user friendly, I dont mind paying for the year :)
x loopymoo x 4 years ago
Cloudedpaul's avatar
i dont think the dashboard is any easier on the eye than the xmb, plus the xmb actually won awards for there simple and easy to navigate interface, where as on the dashboard if you can find what your looking for you are usually bombarded with advertising on a service which isnt free, this coupled with the (obvious mii ripoffs) and its not that pretty unless big grey/white boxes are your thing, everything on the xmb is right there for you to get to and the only advertising is there own stuff from the store!
Cloudedpaul 4 years ago
BaldBoxer's avatar
BaldBoxer 4 years ago
Why is everyone so obsessed with the next-gen console, the longer we wait the more amazing the consoles will be
no47's avatar
no47 4 years ago
Hopefully Microsoft don't rush this console out too soon as it could ruin their reputation even further with the whole 'shoddy hardware' issue. There really is no rush for the 'next gen' consoles imo as we still have countless games to come out and play on with our current gen consoles.
angelus3889's avatar
angelus3889 4 years ago
Im hopin that there is a delay as when the 360 came out they stopped making titles for the xbox soon after. I cant afford to get the new console straight away so I want the great games to still be produced on the 360.
adwan's avatar
adwan 4 years ago
I actually think it's not gamers pushing for the next gen but the developers themselves. Alot of them are working with high end PCs, with brand new, amazing engines that not only look good but are packed full of amazing gameplay changing features. What they are now finding is that these engines just don't work as well as they should on current gen consoles and they want to get the best out of what they have worked so hard to create, and I don't blame them for this. I think Microsoft are driving this next gen of consoles new launch window, as they have been fully aware the 360 is coming to end of it's lifecycle. Just look at the lack of exclusives being developed for it compared to the PS3. I think Sony would be happy to carry on for another couple of years with the PS3, especially now they are actually seeing good profit returns on the console, and they know they need to make as much money as they can before the next gen of consolescomes around and they have to take another hit to their profit margins.
GADG3T87's avatar
You're not wrong, many of the gamers don't believe now is the right time to kill the current gen myself included, there is still life in our current cycle. Some developers haven't even mastered 1080p yet and soon they'll be expected to work with new hardware and new boundries. Its not the developers pushing for new hardware per se its the manufacturers, the current gen sales are declining becuase everyone has a console/pc that is still running, however there are SOME devs who develop mostly for PC who have stated they want new console hardware due to the processes of porting games to consoles. The reason I looked at this article is because I was thinking when I read the headline "we can't assume the power of something that has yet to officailly be unveiled spec wise" and for the record its not called "Xbox 720" its project Durango officially named by Microsoft. Anyway the point in my replying to your comment is I'm with you, I don't want new hardware.... yet.
GADG3T87 4 years ago
x loopymoo x's avatar
x loopymoo x 4 years ago
Xbox 360 has given me the best 5 years of my life so far :) - cant imagine not getting the new one when its finally ready for the mass market. I just hope there will be no issues such as the RROD that we managed to gain with the 360
CookieMcCrumble's avatar
CookieMcCrumble 4 years ago
I game on all platforms and I simply enjoy gaming for what it is - "gaming". It doesn't matter to me what console I'm playing on or if I'm playing on PC, so a delay doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'd rather wait a while and make sure that the system was stable, complete and efficient, rather than get a rushed piece of hardware that breaks or fails - I'm on my third PS3 (in 5 years) and second XBox360 (in 3 years) as it is. I don't want that to happen again.

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