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Sony teases AR head-mounted display for TGS

Sony seems to be readying a new AR head-mounted device for reveal at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

Spotted by NeoGaf member onQ123, a video clip on Sony's Official YouTube channels shows a prototype of the device, along with the following google translated text:

- People, how far immersive?
- It experiments explore the possibility of new entertainment
- "Institute immersive pleasure HMZ - head mounted display
- Has been developed for the open experiment, models with head tracking system / live camera
- Tokyo Game Show head-mounted display ?PROTOTYPE-SR? Limited 2012 Specifications
- ? jointly developed with RIKEN team Fujii
- New 360 degree immersive entertainment sensation
- World of the music of the movie world flew in to the real world

- Experiments conducted public 9/22, 23, (Deadline September 13, 2012) in recruiting an experience

- You will witness the future of entertainment

Other companies, such as Valve, are also working on AR head mounted displays. Looks like this is the new 3D.

Thanks, VG247.

Edited On 11 Sep, 2012

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hXcPete's avatar
hXcPete 4 years ago
...Didn't see this coming...
Cloudedpaul's avatar
Cloudedpaul 4 years ago
already got the original HMZ-T1, its bloody brilliant and bloody expensive, cost me £700 down from £800 so im guessing in the range of £900-£1000 for this new model although it does look very similar apart from the camera on the front, i know there is a HMZ-T2 but the only real difference there is a true cinema 24fps mode and no built in headphones!
Cloudedpaul's avatar
i guess i cant put in pound signs then lol!
Cloudedpaul 4 years ago
sam_w's avatar
sam_w 4 years ago
I wonder if this will be anything like the Oculus Rift that was shown not long ago?
Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
I'm loving the google translation. I'm hoping very far immersive

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