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Wii U playable at Eurogamer Expo

Nintendo's brand new Wii U console will be playable at this month's Eurogamer Expo, which is taking place at Earl's Court, London.

Eurogamer's announced the news this morning. The Expo is set to be attended by around 30,000 gamers, giving them the chance to test out Nintendo's new machine for the first time.

We don't have a price and date for the console as of yet, however it's just been priced and dated for Japan. You can read all those details here.

Edited On 13 Sep, 2012

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skooks's avatar
skooks 4 years ago
I'll be attending Eurogamer this year though just for one day, so I doubt I'll brave the inevitable long queues for this. I hope to get close enough to have a cheeky peek though!
Crockin's avatar
Crockin 4 years ago
Will aim to get a go :) Never found the queues at Eurogamer that bad, always find time to get a go on everything there is twice in just the one day, regardless of queue sizes, so it should be good to have a little experience of the console before everyone else.
Anonymous user's avatar
amanda 4 years ago
Hopefully should have a go on this. I'm off on the Thursday

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