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Assassin's Creed III Wii U trailer arrives

Assassin's Creed III isn't just coming to PS3 and Xbox 360, it's coming to Wii U too. Want proof? How about the new video above. 

Ubisoft claims that the game will be graphically on par with the other console versions, while it'll also include some unique features too, thanks to the Wii U gamepad.

You can pre-order your copy below.

Edited On 14 Sep, 2012

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Shnoorum's avatar
Shnoorum 4 years ago
Hmm, the video didn't show any of the unique to Wii U features. I'm assuming it'll be some gimicky sort of method to use some sort of weapon/item. I always find when it comes to unique controllers and the like it's always best to stick with games that are exclusive to it. Might be proven wrong here but it always seemed the case with the Wii atleast
preyalone's avatar
preyalone 4 years ago
This was just the original trailer with the Wii U box art tacked onto the end. Would love to see what unique features Ubi were planning on bringing to this version....

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