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Mass Effect 3 to receive new single player DLC and another full title planned

BioWare Edmonton Studio General Manager, Aaryn Flynn has said that Mass Effect 3 will get all new DLC in the coming months and the team have another full Mass Effect title in the planning stages. 


Details of the DLC and new title emerged from the official Bioware blog:

"Casey Hudson and his team are coming off an amazing eight-year run with the Mass Effect trilogy, but they?re not done yet,"

"We are releasing more multiplayer content and we have more single-player stories coming throughout the next six months, including Omega which is coming in the Fall."

"But the Mass Effect universe is vast, and Casey and our teams have plans for another full game. Where to go next? With such a project has been a question a lot of us have been asking, and we?d all love to hear your ideas."

Looking forward to the Omega DLC? Got any thoughts on where the Mass Effect series should head next? Tell us below!

Edited On 19 Sep, 2012

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Nijogi's avatar
Nijogi 4 years ago
I'm not really interested in more dlc for ME3, but for this new game I would like for them to start anew with a brand new story that isn't related to the past 3 games. Since ME is now fully multi platform with the third game coming to the Wii U, it would be nice for a brand new non-reaper related story so that each console isn't missing a piece of the ME lore
discordia's avatar
discordia 4 years ago
Considering all the DLC that has been coming out for this, I have to admit I'm surprised they didn't offer a Season Pass style DLC. Might have also subdued the fans a bit concerning the whole "ME3 Ending" incident if they knew there was more single-player content to come and more stories left to be told. Personally I'd love to see some of the previous character stories being told, like what happened to them between ME2's DLC and the start of ME3.
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
Given how the MP side of things is laid out where you have to buy packs releasing any MP content at a price, even with a season pass, is a no go because it could take you ages to unlock the stuff you purchased. I still have yet to unlock a few characters despite purchasing god knows how many packs but it's no biggie as the dlc was free
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
HappyNoodleBoy's avatar
HappyNoodleBoy 4 years ago
Very much looking forward to taking Omega back with Aria from Cerberus. Hopefully she becomes a romance interest too, so we can break that one rule on Omega.
TheFlyingToaster's avatar
TheFlyingToaster 4 years ago
I'm glad there's a full game in the works, love Mass Effect and there are so many things they could do following a new story. Could be cool even to go back and see things you always hear about in the games, like the first contact war etc, or they could go and do something completely new, I'm sure whatever they do will be great though :D.
COP3Y DUNT's avatar
COP3Y DUNT 4 years ago
I think it would be awesome if the new game was intwined with the shepard story line.
stevieg83's avatar
stevieg83 4 years ago
I will defo be looking at getting this content. Been a huge fan of the ME series and loved the ME3 campaign, despite all the negativity it got. My favourite game series of all time
Greigyboii's avatar
Greigyboii 4 years ago
The DLC so far for ME:3 hasn't been the most exciting, so I am kind of over them. A new game would be interesting, with some new characters within the ME Universe. I am stuck as to whether I would like a prequel of some sort to the ME trilogy, or something new entirely. Surely the reapers weren't the only issue within the ME Universe that affected us humans?
Laura_1's avatar
Laura_1 4 years ago
I'm personally more looking forward to the new game rather than more DLC. A lot of people were left disappointed with ME3 which is a shame.
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
More DLC? YAY more reason to play Mass Effect 3! Awesome :)
scourge's avatar
scourge 4 years ago
and so ends the good news/bad news sandwich. "hey guys dragon age 3! oh our company founders have left.... but we've got new mass effect dlc! plus a new next gen IP!" in saying that this new IP could be interesting.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
Can't wait to get my hands on the Omega DLC. If you have read the comics that focus on how Aria gets booted from Omega you know that helping her take it back will be awesome. Getting to see more of arguably the best environment Mass Effect ever created also excites me. Something about the slum version of the Citadel just screams biotic blasts and burst of automatic weapons.
CookieMcCrumble's avatar
CookieMcCrumble 4 years ago
A new full game, brilliant. Love the ME games and would love to play a brand new set of games for it with new characters and locations. Even having some cameos from old characters would be good but using them as main characters may be a bit much. Or, if they want to include Shepard, I'd like to see a prologue, covering the stories you get to pick when you create your character profile, some of those options could make decent games.

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