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Medal of Honor: Warfighter gets Xbox 360 beta in October

Danger Close is set to release a beta for Medal of Honor: Warfighter next month, EA announced earlier today.

The Medal of Honor: Warfighter beta will feature the new multiplayer mode called HotSpot, where players ?attack and defend randomly-selected locations on the Sarajevo Stadium map in Bosnia.?

Medal of Honor: Warfighter?s multiplayer beta will be available on the Xbox 360 only in early October.

Check out the image below.

Edited On 21 Sep, 2012

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SplitCoreGaming's avatar
SplitCoreGaming 4 years ago
After the last games horrific claustrophobic beta and forgettable single player I would be interested in the beta to see if these elements have been rectified. Medal of Honour was one of the true competitors of Call of Duty in the beginning, yet now it is glancing at best. Here is to hoping.
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
Meh, Medal of Honour hasn't been good for a long time, and personally I'm sick to death of military shooters.
VigilantH2O's avatar
VigilantH2O 4 years ago
I welcome a beta, but I'm not convinced by MoH:W. The previous game's multiplayer was infuriating, because if you got killed, you had no killam, which promoted camping. This wouldn't be a problem, but the maps were very large, so you had trouble spotting enemy players.
Laura_1's avatar
Laura_1 4 years ago
I honestly think a beta is a good move. After the last MOH I think it certainly left a bitter taste in many peoples mouths. The last game did look great and honestly was very enjoyable for me other than the damn spawns. The map design and the spawns combined just made for very tedious online play. Although I'm going to pick this game up more than likely anyway, I welcome a beta and would hope if the game is much better this time round, people give MOH another shot.
opt1mus76's avatar
opt1mus76 4 years ago
I'll get this regardless of beta as I actually enjoyed MoH. Yes, it was short and flawed but it was still quite fun
Kizzy's avatar
Kizzy 4 years ago
I expected there would be a beta, but the last game was pretty horrible for me anyway. Might give the beta a go just to see what its like and stop soon after.
ALIAS's avatar
yeah the last one was awful for it's mutiplayer. It did have a good single player.
ALIAS 4 years ago
angelus3889's avatar
angelus3889 4 years ago
As long as it has some sort of killcam it will be good as the graphics look great as its on the frostbite engine as well.
yellowned's avatar
yellowned 4 years ago
I never really got into the old Medal of Honor's but the last one I thought to be a good change for the series. Even though I'd prefer something different than another FPS, I'm looking forward to the beta regardless, hopefully it runs fairly smooth for a beta.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
Always nice to have a 'beta' (read MP demo of an unfinished product) available to give a spin before release. Though as has been said, I have little faith in the product.
juschris07's avatar
juschris07 4 years ago
Not bad hopefully the game actually works this time and then if not they have the time they need to fix it well we all can hope

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