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Mirror's Edge arriving on US PSN next week

Mirror?s Edge is heading to be released on the PlayStation Network next week, at least in the US.

Sales of the game haven't been fantastic, however that hasn't stopped those who have played it from calling for a sequel.

Currently there is no indication if the game will be released on PSN in Europe. There is also no price point at the moment.

Edited On 21 Sep, 2012

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Laura_1's avatar
Laura_1 4 years ago
It's a great game, glad the US are getting it! I would however like to see it at a decent price. I'm forever seeing it in shops at under £4 which is an absolute steal!
opt1mus76's avatar
opt1mus76 4 years ago
Never played Mirror's Edge so if it comes to Eu PSN (and the price is right) I'll give it a go. Unfortunately I doubt it'd be under a tenner :(
Kizzy's avatar
I'm not sure you might be lucky its quite an old game, but with Sony's pricing for the games on there it wouldn't surprise me if they set it at £14.99 or something =/
Kizzy 4 years ago
yellowned's avatar
yellowned 4 years ago
I love this game! It's a shame that it didn't get received that well by gamers. I really do hope for a sequel, I know Dice have said they haven't given up on the series yet, so here's hoping. I would presume that the digital price would be fairly decent as it's been out for a few years, but we'll see.
Dead's avatar
Dead 4 years ago
I'd be very surprised if the price comes close to comparing to a physical copy, considering it's been in bargain bins for years.
ALIAS's avatar
agree, most people who wanted to play this would have played it by now. I really enjoyed the game, need to bring out the sequel already.
ALIAS 4 years ago
TheFlyingToaster's avatar
TheFlyingToaster 4 years ago
Nice, hopefully more people play this game and it's priced right on the store since it's dirt cheap most other places. The US store prices are usually more reasonable for full disc games, more so than EU. Mirror's Edge is one of my favourite games this gen, I really hope it gets a sequel at some point, I loved the unique style and gameplay.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
This screams a game that should come as free to those who have a PS + subscription.
Nijogi's avatar
Nijogi 4 years ago
This should of happened years ago. I hope they price it right, I'm always seeing this game sell for £5 in stores.
DubbleJd's avatar
DubbleJd 4 years ago
I loved this game, i would definately be up for a sequel ;)
agentsmith007's avatar
agentsmith007 4 years ago
This game was fantastic, When we were(and still are) being subjected to FPS after FPS this was a welcome change to the gaming world. I can't recommend this enough to anyone who has not played it and i would welcome a sequel. This game is made by DICE so just think battlefield with a lot less gun-play and a lot more free running.
Gummy's avatar
Gummy 4 years ago
Never played it, but I'm pretty curious about it. People here seem to have enjoyed it.

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