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Starhawk hitting PSN tomorrow

The Official Playstation Blog has posted an update to remind everyone that Lightbox Interactive's 2012 game, Starhawk will be hitting the PSN tomorrow.


The digital download version of Starhawk includes every update since the game released as well as all the massive DLC addons.

In addition to the digital release, the Single Player Campaign will be available for free for all Playstation Plus subscribers.

Starhawk will be available in two downloadable versions:
  • Starhawk Multiplayer Edition - ?19.99/?15.99
  • Complete Starhawk Digital Version - ?34.99/?28.49

Here's the official Starhawk blurb:

Experience the emotional story of two brothers torn apart by the conflict over Rift Energy ? a sacred and dangerous resource of power being ravaged and battled over by Humans and ?The Outcast? (evolved mutated humans from Rift Energy exposure).

Hired gun Emmett Graves is faces off against his brother Logan, now the cold-blooded leader of The Outcast, in an effort to protect his former home of White Sands, save humanity, and possibly, his brother.

Edited On 25 Sep, 2012

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Datastatic's avatar
Datastatic 4 years ago
This is a great game but I always struggle to find people to play with. I hope this gives it a boost. PSN this week is all about Tokyo Jungle for me (hopefully).
b3media's avatar
b3media 4 years ago
Expected this game to be really great, but it was really disappointing. The campaign is quite fun, but the multi-player is weak to say the least.
TheFlyingToaster's avatar
TheFlyingToaster 4 years ago
Starhawk is a great game, I hope that it gets a boost from the psn release. It's disappointing when a strong team based MP doesn't do as well, It's not the type of game that many people will dominate on their own and It's only really at it's best in a good team communicating with each other. I think that puts a lot of people off unfortunately :(. It did have a lot of issues in the beginning too even though it had a pretty big beta. Most seem to have been fixed now, or at least they claimed they are fixed, haven't had a chance to try it properly.
hallben's avatar
hallben 4 years ago
I was wondering as a Plus subscriber if I should even bother with the free SP. I guess why not, as it's there I might as well!

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